Vigrande Review

Vigrande Review: Europe’s Most Expensive ED Medicine

Brand: Vigrande

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Zentiva

Country of Manufacture: Czech Republic (Multinational)

Vigrande Package Image

Review and Description

Vigrande is an approved product from the Czech Republic that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. This ED medicine belongs to the generic Viagra family. For its active ingredient, it has sildenafil citrate. Just like Viagra, Vigrande also works as a muscle relaxant and a PDE5 enzyme inhibitor. It helps the affected muscles of the penis to relax during sexual stimulation in order for it to gain more strength and power, leading to harder and longer erection.

According to the website of Vigrande, this ED medicine should be taken only by men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Do not use it just because you want to obtain longer or harder erection. This drug is not for children and women.

Vigrande is a product of Zentiva, a small drug company located in the Czech Republic. This is a multinational company with branches in other countries such as Turkey. Zentiva Turkey is also manufacturing Vigrande. This multinational company is the third biggest contributor of generic medicines in Europe. Their markets involved more than 50 countries and they have served one billion consumers. To date, Zentiva (Multinational) can produce up to 900 tablets in a single production process.

Customer Reviews

When shopping for a new product online, the first thing we check is customer reviews. It is the best way for us to determine whether the product we are eyeing for is worth the money we will be paying it with. Customer reviews always tell us as well if a certain product is safe to take or not. We are glad to find a few customer reviews for Vigrande. Here are some of it:

image1Mennye gave Vigrande a rating of 3 out of 5 stars

Mennye gave Vigrande a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. He compared his erection to a concrete after taking this ED drug. According to Mennye, it was rock hard for two hours. He is happy with the result but jokingly wondered if this tablet was created with a little cocaine inside it.

Another review for Vigrande came from a user who said that he felt like a machine after taking this ED drug. He added that every part of him was aching after sharing the night with his partner. He is recommending this ED drug but added that it might be best to take 50 mg only.

These two reviews for Vigrande mean one thing – sildenafil citrate Vigrande is highly effective and it will make any user as highly efficient as they want to be. If you want to get tired screwing your partner, this could be the best medicine to grab for now!s

Pricing and Dosage

Vigrande is a product of one of Europe’s top generic medicine manufacturer. With this information, we assume that the price of this drug is a bit high because it is sold in Europe. After terrorizing the internet for a few minutes, here are some of the reviews we found online for Vigrande.

A pack of Vigrande is sold for £39

A pack of Vigrande is sold for £39. Each pack has 4 tablets. It means that each pack costs $51.44 or $12.86 per tablet. Looking at this price, we can say that this is the most expensive generic Viagra drug that we found so far. Despite being a Europe-based ED drug, it is still expensive. A branded Cialis costs around $6 to $10 and a branded Viagra costs around $8 to $18 per tablet. If we have to pay for more than $10 for a generic Viagra medicine, even if it is from Europe, we might just pass on it.

How to Buy Vigrande Online

This European ED medicine is not easy to find outside Europe. We checked our international online pharmacies and found out that Vigrande is not on their shelves. Perhaps Vigrande has a limited market presence – only in Europe.

If you want to try Vigrande because of its sildenafil citrate content but you are not living on the European continent, we can recommend a different generic Viagra medicine that is easier to find and a lot cheaper than Vigrande. We can recommend FIldena.

These stores offer Fildena at the best price possible and have great shipping services too.

How to Use

Vigrande is recommended to men having difficulties obtaining an erection. This is an oral medication. Take this drug with water. Take it as needed and take at least 30 minutes before your planned sexual activity.

Do not take this drug without seeking medical advice first. Your doctor must know your other conditions before taking this medicine. Vigrande aid and helps men with ED to have an erection but it doesn’t cause an erection. You will still need sexual stimulation for it to work.

Side Effects

There are side effects associated with using Vigrande and other ED drugs with sildenafil citrate. Based on the clinical trials with medicines containing sildenafil citrate, this drug can cause headaches, dizziness, pain in the muscles and body, vision and hearing impairment, and flushing. Not every user has to experience this as only 1-2% of users reported experiencing this. The only important thing that you should know is that to report to your doctor if you experience any of these for a long period of time (more than 2 hours).

These side effects must disappear without needing a treatment.

Conclusion with Rating

Generic Viagra Vigrande is a product of a popular European drug store – Zentiva. This is a big company with a presence in more than 50 countries according to their website. According to the users of Vigrande, this is a very effective medicine hence we were enticed to try it. The problem is it is not widely available and it looks like Zentiva is only selling it in Europe. In addition, we find the price of this ED drug to be crippling as it cost an arm and a leg.

For these reasons, we are bound to give Vigrande a rating of 3 out of 5 stars because of its limited availability and high price.

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